• About Melonades
    About Melonades
    What makes us unique

About Melonades

Guided by passion, Driven by ambition, We are Melonades.

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A team of strong thinkers, we are not afraid to compete and push all boundaries to deliver our clients’ marketing goals through an amazing channel of online marketing. With more than five years of digital experience, Melonades is here to promote your brands on Facebook, Google & all local or international sites.

Our seasoned team is passionate about delivering efficient,effective, responsible and friendly service.

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We measure our success with two factors: the KPI we achieve and our relationship with clients.

For any Online Advertisement need, you can rely on Melondes the house of professionals who know Media by its pulse. From Facebook/Google ads to FB page/apps development, online advertisement we do it all.


Our Values





Why Melonades?

The future is led by us. We officially bring you the future through our innovative strategic plan.

You name it, we will do it for you.

We play by a simple rule:

Client is the Decider. We prefer you to fix the budget & length of your Campaign. And in case you need help to get a grip on that, we’re here for good.

We are:


 Dedicated Dedicated


Responsive Responsive


Active 24/7/365 Active 24/7/365


These defines us. Our client love us for our level of passion and commitment.