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The Idea

Your firm has a Facebook or any other social media platform. What’s next? You have to connect the whole of social web to your profile to reach to as many community as you can. Hardest part is to get everyone involved. Social media’s power is immeasurable. But getting a fan base, and loyal supporters is crucial.

The Process

Our dedicated content experts help you to do just that. Melonades offers full social media management services to keep your fans happy. We help you breathe life into your campaign, keep your followers active and engaged. Your content will be shared eventually by followers, exponentially increasing your exposure.

Our Solution

Curating your customer base with our witty and innovative campaigns and content, we will ensure that everything your brand does is likeable, tweet worthy and a must-share shareable on social platforms. Through social media’s labyrinth of channels, we will effectively promote your brand.


Content Development Statiscis

Nearly 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute.

Are you there?