Create awareness for World’s Cup Day prior to April 2, 2014


To get more users onto Coca-Cola Facebook/YouTube Pages engage with the content that helps to amplify the World’s Cup idea. Showcasing how Bangladesh is a part of the larger global phenomenon, and how Coca-Cola used the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour and the partnership with FIFA across the world.

Challenge and brand insight

Coca-Cola had an amazing journey of the FIFA Trophy Tour across the world – especially Bangladesh, in spite of various obstacles. The country hosted the trophy for the first time and became a part of global news. In order to keep the fever high and kick-start the road to World Cup, Coca-Cola is celebrating April 2 as the World’s Cup day.For this, all the markets will be putting out their content on Digital across the world. They wanted to get huge engagement on their social media channel. As well as before the world cup Coca-Cola releases Coca-Cola Football film in different languages around the world there was a Bangla version too. For the Football film it was difficult to reach the countries whole populations through TV. Along with this there was lots of digital content was shared by Coca-Cola among their various social media channel. Coca-Cola wanted to get the attention of young people through the internet.


To get the attention of user we have planned to spread the content throughout the various channel. We have decided to advertise the content on facebook, Google adwords, and local news portal along with this we have planned to use local YouTube, TV and sports celebrity. For Facebook advertisement we made some research to get the idea of the content targeting for instance which content will targeted for whom. There were various contents but the budget was limited so it was not possible to advertise all the content for everyone. We specify the content targeting to use the budget at its best. For Google adwords we have gone through the same procedure. To use local news portal we have talked to the leading online news portal in Bangladesh and for their home page takeover ads. The local celebrity has a very big impact on the people so talked to the local YouTube celebrity, TV celebrity and sports celebrity to share coca-cola content on their social media page specially Facebook. We found Facebook is the most used social media in the country while other social media has not that much of impact on the people of Bangladesh.

The results

The three main content was made 64,657 engagement on facebook other posts were brings around the 20,000 engagement. World’s cup film got 28,266 YouTube views during the campaign. It makes the news and lots of shares in the social media worth a million dollar earned media coverage. Last but not the least from Coca-Cola we got a thank you mail because Coke Bangladesh Football film was the highest viewed film around the world among all of their football films.