• Digital Analytics
    To interpret the online trend right

The Idea

In digital media PTAT (People Talking About This) is a very significant phenomenon. In order to engage with key consumers you need to know what conversations are going on constantly and who is talking about your brand.

The Process

With the explosion of mobile technology consumers are updating their social profiles on a constant basis. Remember that guy who nearly knocked you over because his face was in his iPhone? Whether they are queuing in a bank, running a marathon or have just received a special coupon - they will tweet.

Our Solution

At Melonades we use the most up-to-date monitoring tools in order to give you a detailed analysis of online word of mouth. It is in your best interest to know what is being said, what is trending and what is becoming a thing of the past.

By researching and constructing relevant keyword groups and competitors, we also offer online sentiment analysis. Enabling you to know whether your brand products are failing or have positive feedbacks, to take necessary actions.


Average hours spent online daily in Bangladesh.

2.7 hours on weekday & 3.1 hours on weekend

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