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The Idea

Despite our state-of-the-art arsenal at our disposal and in the golden era of news media, we still believe in doing businesses like the olden days. With good, honest personal service and quality relationships Melonade utilizes the country’s evolving market. Bangladesh still offer opportunity and efficacy in terms of traditional online marketing. Banners, layer-ad, in page banners, and contextual advertising are all up our sleeves.

The Process

The rapidly growing segment of the online advertising is making newspapers and magazines lose ad revenue. Pop-under advertising services, and layer ads are great ways to reach potential clients. Layer ads can be very attention grabbing yet subtle. A regular in-page banner is very cost effective for your custom tailored campaign.

Our Solution

In traditional online advertising like banner ad etc. Melonades offers a flow of continuous innovation. For those interested in such a strategy, there are a number of options. Some have also found a way to advertise online through things that do not appear to be traditional advertising mediums.


Online Advertisement Statistics

      60% of total population is below 30 year old.

      What are you doing about it?