ICC World cup T20 in Bangladesh


The core objective was to create a pre-hype about the ICC World cup T20 in Bangladesh and helping people to get their tickets easily through online from around the cricket playing nations.

Challenge and brand insight

Cricket is a very popular game in this subcontinent along with some other countries despite it is not football. People not get that much of excitement in cricket. Another difficulty was Bangladesh is not very tourist friendly country. So the challenge was to sell tickets to foreigners and making a huge buzz to grab their attention from the people. So people will come along and join the biggest event in the country.

We found there are 60 percent on young people in Bangladesh among the whole and Internet penetration is dramatically increasing. So we thought to target young people through the internet to create buzz. However, there was another objective was to sell tickets to all the cricket playing nations and other nations where crickets are popular. So we planned to sell tickets through different online advertisement network.


One of the biggest challenge was to pull up the young people’s enthusiasm and making a fever for creating flash mob. Though the campaign was focused on spread through online so it was a challenge to maximise the chance of make the campaign go viral. On the other hand if the campaign go viral it will attract foreigners to bring in the country as well as the local people to make the crowd. So we planned to make some made up flash mob by some of the prominent university students.

For selling tickets online we had planned to use two giant ad networks Google and Yahoo. However, though the budget was so limited so it was a challenge to reach the potentials properly. We made some search result analysis according to the targeted group to get the potentials.

The results

68 flash mobs performed among universities and schools in just 15 days. It made news coverage worth a million dollar PR. And then the impossible happened “Char chokka hoi hoi” went global. Total 140 Flash mobs around the world and people who had no idea about what the lyrics meant were singing and dancing to its tune. It made to the International media news…Fox news trend published the news saying “This was was bigger than J-Lo’s world cup song.” The most flash mob song ever. A song world dance to it for cricket. 140 flash mobs were performed with more than 45000 performer and makes 6 million YouTube view. Campaign got $1.2 million worth PR coverage with $0 PR investment.