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The Idea

The social web has undergone crucial changes regarding how consumers are targeted with advertisements. Brands can actively target people based on the trail of interests they leave behind online.

Reaching your TG by their habit of online life would help you to get better ROI of your online activity. We know how to do the simple math to reach higher number.

The Process

Have you recently liked a page on Facebook that relates to diet and fitness? Chances are you will be actively targeted. Furthermore, based on your other movements, age, gender, location and even what we are typing in real time, we provide an efficient advertising platform and an intensely intimate experience with consumers - for every penny you spend, your ads will be more exposed to the exact audience you want.

Social media platform opens up a whole new world of opportunities. Whether it’s through a click of a share button on Facebook or a hash tagged tweet on twitter, your advertisements will reach to who you are targeting.

Our Solution

Ever noticed how some topics get more attention on twitter than others? This is the trickiest part. But Twitter’s promoted tweet service brand can now promote their tweet to make it stand out and give more of a shelf life on twitter.

Our dedicated community managers know their way around the trending internet topics and buzzwords on twitter. They are able to help clients stay on the cutting edge of Twitter trends to breed your brand more engagements. From LinkdIn platforms to other popular platforms, we choose the best route to make you more visible in the virtual world.


Social Media Management

     79% Bangladeshis Facebook users are male.

      How well do you know your TG?